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Записи с темой: list (список заголовков)

.yesterday you said tomorrow.
топ песен, которые очень долго рвали (рвут и будут рвать) мне душу.
и мозг.
когда умру, поставьте этот плейлист на моих похоронах.


P.s. если будете слушать, читайте текст. это важно

@темы: music, list


нид стафф

.yesterday you said tomorrow.
читать дальше
запись создана: 28.01.2014 в 00:55

@темы: list


ту ду листы

.yesterday you said tomorrow.

- to sleep well*
- to get enough money*
- to spend some part of this money in a way you wouldn't remember how you spent it (and to save another part for 3 things mentioned below)*
- to have a device that can cook and clean a flat*
- to buy a flat*
- to buy a car*
- to know more interesting and useful things every day*
- to become awesome**
- not to do things you don't want to*

*any wish will be fulfilled when the items in the lists below are done
**do you realise it's impossible?

- to study (well/somehow)
- to live (until you are dead)

- work
- study (even things you consider are useless)
- REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE (in case you're/your memory's lost)
- say "NO" to drugs and alcoholic drinks (without taking drugs/drinks to talk to them)
- be more kind-hearted (not to have a desire to kill everyone who annoys you)
- do things you don't want to


- to sleep well
- to eat well
- to know more things
- to have leisure time to do things you want to and must do
- to know interesting things
- not to do things you don't want to

- to sleep (min 4 hours)
- to eat (at least once)

- work
- study
- do things you don't want to

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not to do list:

.yesterday you said tomorrow.

@музыка: Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc. (RIOT 87 VIP Dubstep Remix)

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@темы: Life is..., list